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James A. Primo III

            James has fifteen years of bar experience and is the Co-Owner of Primo Hospitality Solutions LLC. James was working as a Director of a local children’s hospital and found himself in need of a change. He was very hesitant to pursue bartending, but with much persuasion from his Fiancé he decided to try it out. He fell in love with the hospitality industry and the time freedom that came along with it. James is also employed at The Fall River Elks Lodge where he is known as Co-Manager and Bartender. He has been smiling and serving his guests there for thirteen years. He is also seasonally employed as a Bartender May through October, for ten years at The Tipsy Seagull Dockside Pub. His loyalty and hardworking nature is proven and he has a unique ability to pivot his talents to excel at so many different styles of bars and restaurants. His relaxed and tolerant approach inspires his peers and his students. James has a methodical approach to service and utilizes every space efficiently. He enjoys high volume establishments, and excels in high stress environments. His teachings challenge students to rethink and reevaluate techniques to inspire self-confidence and sensible reasoning. He is a certified T.I.P.S. Trainer and he has a strong love for the T.I.P.S. Certification class and has completely excelled with his trainings. James is rich with knowledge and essential to the hospitality field.

Shannon Raposo

            Shannon Raposo’s is the President of Primo Hospitality Solutions LLC and shares partnership with her Fiancé and Life Partner, James A. Primo III. Her love for the hospitality field began eighteen years ago as a bartender. Any opportunity to help the team she would gladly assist carrying almost every job title the hospitality field would offer; filling in as dishwasher, line cook, and so on. The passing of time materialized into additional responsibilities which she invited with ambition and passion. Without delay, her title as Bartender developed into General Manager. She further educated herself through courses-consultants, mentors, and fellow employees. Working alongside her staff she achieved skillful qualities to effectively carry out particular tasks- utilizing different perspectives, techniques, and approaches. This allowed Shannon to finetune executions and streamline operations, identify key performance opportunities, and make important decisions to advance growth and improve the company’s bottom line. Shannon devoted ten years of General Management and her last employment was The Tipsy Toboggan and The Tipsy Seagull, where she held her title for five years. She resigned in March of 2018 to pursue James and her dreams of ownership. Shannon has a supreme work ethic and unprecedented discipline. She controlled all operations of both establishments while managing a total of 75 employees. Both establishments possessed extremely high-volume atmospheres, and are not constructed for the faint of heart nor a lackadaisical employee. The demands of management and increasingly hard work only pushed Shannon to excel.

            Late August of 2014 both establishments were operating at the highest proficiency, sales had increased exponentially, and all company goals projections achieved. At this time Shannon’s professional growth had ascended to a new high, however, her health was being jeopardized. To her unfortunate surprise, she was diagnosed with breast cancer and would face years of chemotherapy and surgeries. She continued her employment despite doctor’s orders and continued to reach new heights with her profession. She was featured on Phantom Gourmet. The need for a blood transfusion one week before filming almost ceased her big debut- she championed on. During the Summer of 2016 ownership, Shannon, and her team introduced OPA Racing (Offshore Power Boat Association) to the Tipsy Seagull and Fall River waterfront. The event required a full staff and volunteers, totaling more than 100 individuals being supervised. The OPA weekend would attract thousands of spectators breaking records at extraordinary levels. It achieved striking amounts of publicity uniting the entire waterfront and returning annually for the next two years.

            The complexity of issues that Shannon was faced with during her cancer experience challenged her to change the stigma associated with it. It provoked her to seek resources, education, training programs, and focus on what she loved the most- the hospitality industry culture. She is dedicated to uplifting the hospitality field and elevating the social and economic conditions of the community. She has a strong love for teaching and consulting with surrounding establishments. She has proven her efforts of showing ways of how to properly conduct a professional staff and allowing them to create a sense of conscience- a way of knowing better of what not to do.

            With thirty years of combined experience, James and Shannon expanded Primo Hospitality Solutions LLC by launching their full food and alcohol catering company Party with Primo. The full-spectrum of hospitality they have created includes education, consulting, party planning, food and alcohol catering, and employment. The license allows Party with Primo to be mobile and host events- weddings, parties, and hands-on in-home workshops. They are completely committed to their graduates and the hospitality field by keeping current with innovative concepts and offering employment to Primo Bartending School Alumni.